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The importance of roasting

Roasting is a crucial stage in the coffee making cycle. During the roasting process, the aromas and flavours in the cup are developed, and the full potential of the green coffee bean is achieved. Whether you’re chasing a light, floral coffee flavour or a richer, chocolatey experience, roasting is where it all happens.

Why coffee roasting training?

If you want premium coffee on a consistent basis, then you need a thorough understanding of how coffee roasting works. It’s both an art and a science. When you enrol in a coffee roasting training course, you learn how to get the exact flavour and aroma you want from the coffee bean every time you roast it. That’s a highly desirable skill.

What you learn on a good coffee roasting course

Some of the things you will cover on any good coffee roasting course include:

• Green coffee structure and types
• How green coffee is processed
• Aspects of coffee grading
• Coffee roasting principles, jargon and definitions
• Coffee roasting thermodynamics
• Roasting machines and their different uses
• Phases and profiles of the roasting process
• Practical exercises including cupping of the roasted coffee beans
• Coffee tasting and learning to recognise classic mistakes made during the coffee roasting process
• Troubleshooting and learning how to avoid classic coffee roasting mistakes.

As you can see, coffee roasting is a complex and detailed process. Roasting is also a vitally important process for coffee lovers, as it determines the flavours and aromas that end up in the cup.

The roasting process

What’s really fascinating about coffee roasting is that numerous chemical reactions take place during the process. These chemical reactions all happen at different moments and vary in their duration and extent.

One of the most famous chemical reactions, or phases, during the coffee roasting cycle, is known as “the first crack”. And yes, it’s audible. In fact, the first crack sounds a lot like popcorn popping. The first crack happens because the coffee bean puffs up and its moisture begins to evaporate. The moisture creates steam, which in turn, creates pressure. The pressure then forces the bean to crack open. The first crack is just one of many captivating things you’ll learn about on a coffee roasting course.

Take a crack at coffee roasting training

If you’re interested in coffee excellence, why not enrol in the coffee roasting course Canberra coffee professionals are getting excited about? Fill in our booking form today to ensure you get a place.