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At Bean Culture, coffee is our religion

It’s no secret that Australia has a long-standing love affair with coffee. No longer is coffee simply a drink, it’s a culture, a religion, something akin to divinity. We worship the humble coffee bean and its hallowed grounds. At Bean Culture, we think of our roastery as a place of worship and our baristas as our leaders, authorised to perform the sacred rituals of our faith: grinding, roasting, extracting, frothing and pouring.

At Bean Culture we are passionate about all things coffee and we want to share this passion with as many people as possible. The art of coffee is not something that can be picked up overnight. It takes passion, knowledge, and practice, but with enough dedication and the right guidance, you too can master the art of the perfect brew.

The benefits of barista training

• Casual work opportunities: Whether you’re a uni student or you’re looking for permanent work in the hospitality sector, barista training is becoming an expected skill for employees. If you’re looking to stand out from the crowd, why not give your resume an edge by taking a certified barista course. You’ll learn everything you need to know to brew a wicked cup of coffee and jazz it up with textured milk and other decorative techniques.
• Impress your friends: Sure, just about anyone can brew a morning cuppa, but with Australia’s growing coffee culture, your french press standard isn’t going to impress anyone. If you’re looking to step up your brewing game, take one of our barista courses and wow your friends and family with your roasting skills.

Choose from a range of courses

At Bean Culture, we offer barista training Canberra locals can trust. Based in Mitchell, Canberra, Bean Culture is the first roastery to boast an open space coffee roastery and professional barista training. From bean roasting beginner to latte art extraordinaire, our training courses are specially designed to give you the knowledge, passion and skills you need to succeed. 

We cater to all levels of experience and tailor each class to each group. You can learn more about the history and culture of coffee, while mastering a range of techniques, including coffee machine operation, cleaning and maintenance of equipment, milk texturing, bean roasting and grinding, espresso preparation and presentation.

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