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Bean Culture Espresso Bar Canberra


Attract more customers

Coffee is a great conversation starter.

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Locally roasted coffee

We roast the coffee in-house

Passionate people

Experienced barista’s that love coffee.

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Stand out from the crowd.

At Bean Culture Espresso Bar, Canberra locals and visitors alike can experience the taste of premium, quality beans. We’re committed to sourcing only the finest green beans in an environmentally friendly way from all over the world.

All of our beans are certified sustainable by the rainforest alliance, supporting our commitment to creating a greener world. We make sure they’re shipped in insulated containers, too, keeping temperatures and moisture levels consistent to preserve quality no matter the time of year.

We offer a coffee experience like no other, so stop by for a serious upgrade on your everyday cup of Joe.

Roasted to perfection

Although it all starts with the raw beans, the roasting process really reveals the rich flavour they have to offer. Here at Bean Culture Espresso Bar, we have our own specialist in-house roasting process. Using the sophisticated computer software Cropster, we monitor the consistency of our roasting across each and every cup.

This also gives us insight into roasting profiles, meaning we can measure and track the quality and flavours. We file away those great tastes for using time and time again and improve upon those profiles lacking that special something until they’re just right. You won’t find another cup of coffee quite like ours, but rest assured your favourite blends will always taste just as you remember them.

Ambient and relaxing

We know that espresso bars aren’t all about the coffee, which is why we’ve worked so hard to create an aesthetic you can feel comfortable in. Modern style combined with rustic touches make for a cozy, up-to-date space. Brightened up by houseplants and natural wooden features, Bean Culture is a place to catch up with friends or tap away on a laptop. Connected to a sleek business lounge, we’re a real hotspot for working lunches or casual business meetings.

Service with a smile

Would you like cream with that? To really top off your experience, all our staff are more than happy to help with anything you might need. We pride ourselves on being friendly and approachable, offering a warm touch of homeliness whenever you decide to visit. Every one of our team has been expertly trained, so if you have any questions at all, don’t be afraid to ask!

Visit us today

Pop in to taste the magic for yourself. You can find us at 5/47 Vicars St, Mitchell ACT. Any problems finding us, just give us a call.